Ars Magica 5th Ed.

This is my Maptool framework for the great rpg Ars Magica.

Ars Magica framework for RPTools Maptool

This is a framework for rptools virtual table top software maptool for the roleplaying game Ars Magcia 5th Ed. by Atlas Games. Since I dont need it for the planned use I have not implemented use of magic (well there are rudimentary functions, but they are wip). I have implemented the functionality of the rulework but left out detailed data to not have copyright issues. If anyone has any problem with me publishing this please contact me. I will immediately remove the stuff in question. This is for free and private use only. You are not allowed to distribute it.

Table of content

How to use the framework
Examples of token states

How to use the framework [back]

Token set up

The GM can drop tokens and run the "init token" macro (from the campaign window). You can now use the "Edit" macro to enter your game data. Done.


The combat is highly automated. Just select your token and fire the "ATT" macro (or the "SCUF" macro for non-lethal attacks). A dialog opens where you can select a target. Note that only visible and reachable targets are shown. The list can be limited to NSC for PC attacks and vice versa via the House Rules settings.

The framework now performs the complete attack, considering the seleced weapons, wound and fatigue penalties, relevant skills and other relevant conditions. To make an exerting attack (or defense) ue the "Exert" macro before your attack. The dmg is calculated if necessary and wounds are set.

Skill tests

There is a "Skill test" macro, that opens a dialog where you can enter all needed data for a skill test. Skill tests are performed for all selected tokens. Output is sorted highest to lowest score. Tests can be hidden (the results are shown only to the GM) or public. For commonly used tests there are direct buttons in the campaign macro window.


Initiative system of maptool is used. There are GM only macros to add tokens to the initiative list (rolls and sort automatically) and to clear the list.


The movement shown in the character pop up means the followin: combat/free/run in cells per round. If you want to move and attack in a single round, move up to your combat range. No attack: up to free range. If you spend a fatigue level move up to your run range. There is a "run" macro that spends the fatigue.

Everything else

Not much more to say. All pretty obvious. But feel free to ask if theres need for explanation...


Download [back]

actual version:fw_am5_v15.cmpgn

recent changes:


v1.5: added frame-based targeting.

v1.4: added F2F-mode: PCs are asked via dialog for result of rolls, fixed a bug in escape grapple calculation

v1.3: added grapple, combat maneuvers, natural weapons, splitted soak in protection and soak bonus, armor selection, auto calculation of load/encumbrance, skilltest with qui/str/dex will be encumbrance modded, Debilitation (poison, illness)

v1.2: bug fixes in combat, wound recovery rolls


Macros [back]

Maybee sometimes here will be a documentation of the used macros. Not now...

Examples of token states [back]

Example Name Explanation
Conditions (manually triggered)
Hidden Character is hidden.
Blind Character is blinded.
continuousAction Character is performing a continuous action.
Mounted Character is mounted, most probably on a horse.
Sleeping Character is asleep.
Special 1 A mark for some special occasions.
Special 2 A mark for some other special occasions.
Target Indicates some targeting. Not used for automated combat.
Note A note can be edited freely. Shows only on mouse over.
WIP WIP Grapple Set by the combat system if you are grappled by someone.
Exertion Character is performing a exerting action and lose 1 fatigue.
Fatigued Character has a fatigue penalty of at least -1.
Unconscious Character is unconscious due to fatigue.
Wounded Character has one or more wounds (light, medium or heavy).
Fainted House rule.Has so many wounds, that character has passed out.
Incapacitated Character has a incapacitating wound.
Dead Character has a deadly wound.
Character Infos Pop up with additional informations on mouse over.
AFK Player if away from keyboard.
Out Is always shown if a charakter has another state that renders him incapable of fighting.

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