• the-dude-that-smell-of-fish
  • he who swims among the fish
  • bedecktinfisch
  • lord of the fish
  • Salty One
  • fishmonger
  • hewhogotb#nedbythesingerofmarillion'
  • ihavefinsdude
  • 魚に覆われて
  • scaleman
  • abbreviated dutch cleaning agent
  • Covert-Fish
  • the scale-king
  • CoveredInAquaCreatures

  <japanese accent>
  "you are too impatient, you need to feel the code, breath the code first, before you strike"
  "you are fast and playfull like a fish, though careless and easily eaten"
  "you need to learn to slow down, and strike careful, calculated, hard and deadly, like the Wolf"
  </japanese accent>
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